Start of a new year….2018

Wow….since 2012 it seems our lives have just been going down in a hole with no way of getting out. The last four months of 2017 I started seeing a ladder out of that hole. Things are not perfect but nothing in life ever is. My husband can’t work now. Period. Therefore I have become the sole provider for our family and to say it is very hard for me is more than an understatement. I’m not a people person but with the job I have I’m having to be. My spiritual life is also taking some hits as well. I don’t fit in to any organized religion. Period. I am on my own with this path and it is very lonely. I am really hoping that 2018 will be better for us all. Just have to go one day at a time and just breathe.

Will try and write more on this blog just to get my thoughts out regardless of follows or likes because I need to express it somehow.

So 2018 let’s see what is in store…………….

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