What G-D Wants of Me.

This is a quote from someone I am reading materials from. “What happened to ‘One Lord, one faith, one baptism (Ephesians 4:5)? How can we all stand together when we can’t even agree about the nature and purpose of the authority of Scripture? Could it be that we are so far off the mark because we have forced our individual doctrines and creeds upon the Scriptures instead of letting the Scriptures speak for themselves? Is it possible that we are so confused regarding the authority and unity of Scripture that we cannot discern the simple truth that our GOD does ‘not change'(Malachi 3:6)?” My words now. These are the questions I have had since 2004 and why I do not align myself with any set church or organization. Why I have studied the religions I have. Why I have been lost for so long. I’m angry at man and GOD but more at myself for letting all this affect me the way it has. From this day forward I will walk my path by myself not concerned about if someone will walk it with me. I know now what my G-D wants of me.

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